More About Doreen

What Brought Me to This Work
As a Clinical Psychologist, I worked many years helping people face their fears. I hid the fact that I had a terrible fear of speaking in public. Speaking Circles gave me the permission and safety to finally admit and accept my fear. I can now find strength, laughter, love and fun in speaking with any group. 

I've traveled the road from fear of public speaking and along the way developed much more than comfort. I stayed involved in Speaking Circles because I love the mystery of what unfolds in the open, present moment. I am delighted and honored that with this process, I can facilitate personal transformation for others.

My Background
Private Practice as a Clinical Psychologist in Berkeley, California with 20 years of experience. I am now Training Director of SpeakingCircles International and lead seminars and conduct trainings worldwide. 

My first degree was in sociology from UC Berkeley. Being a radical student there in the '60's, standing up for social freedom, dodging tear gas canisters, and facing off with national guard soldiers was the real education. I was a community organizer joining with others to combat social injustice. 

As an activist I held the banner for women assembly line workers, political prisoners, men saying no to war, and inner-city youth. My enthusiasm for changing the world took me across the seas to Malaysia where I lived as a Peace Corps volunteer. 

In Asia, I discovered meditation, yoga, tai chi, and other spiritual practices that opened me to my inner world. In a moment of powerful self-realization I saw that oppression was not just a social problem, it was a personal problem. I, along with everyone else I knew, was not free within myself to be expressive, alive, happy, empowered. 

My second degree led me back to UC Berkeley where I worked on my doctorate and became a psychologist. After many years of a psychotherapy practice helping people recover from past traumas and current abuses, I now also lead Speaking Circles and help people recover their vibrant and amazing inner spirit. 

I am a traveler. I've seen the moon shine on the Serengeti plains, the Venetian cobblestones, the sands of the Sahara, and I've seen it reflect the jewels embedded in the Taj Mahal. I love the fascination and enchantment of entering a foreign culture and staying open to whatever the experience will be. 

I am also attracted to the inner voyage and rewarded with the treasures of self-discovery. Uncharted landscapes allow me to bring forth my spirit of adventure. I live in the shadows of Mt. Tamalpais in Larkspur, California, where I enjoy hiking, dancing, music, improv acting, and quiet moments with poetry and art. 

SpeakingQuest Retreats are based onSpeakingCircles®, originated by Lee Glickstein, author of "Be Heard Now, Tap Into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate With Ease."

SpeakingQuest - Journey to Your Authentic Self in Hidden Hawaii