More About Katherine

What Brought Me to This Work
Creative expression and exploration of the human psyche has been at the heart of all my endeavors. It has long been my belief that we are all called to discover our truest self and express that in the world. 

Through the years I have studied art and psychology as a vehicle for this expression. Participation in Speaking Circles was a natural extension of my passion for authentic, creative communication with myself and others. Circles have been a greenhouse where my gifts have flowered, and where I have been a joyful witness to the exquisite unfolding of others.

I love the radiance, magic and genuine connections that emerge when we shine the light of yes on one another's magnificent presence.

My Background
Photography and Ceramics were my first creative loves, but these endeavors were always infused with my deep interest in the human psyche and it's unlimited potential. Ultimately I chose psychology as my profession. 

The two interests, art and psychology, however, are intertwined for me. I experience the development of the self, and helping people face their fears as an art in itself. Professionally, I have been practicing psychotherapy for 15 years, non-professionally I would have to say I have been practicing all my life. 

Though I have a BA degree in Art and a Masters in counseling psychology, I have labored in daffodil fields, restaurants, offices, casinos, photo labs assembling lines and various schools. My basic philosophy has always been, what can I learn from this to grow more true to myself, and how can I help others learn, so that they can grow more true to themselves. 

What I discovered repeatedly is that healing fears and releasing blocks to creative expression is the key to a fulfilling life. For the past 8 years I have been integrating my background in art and psychology with greater focus and intent. 

Before beginning my work in Speaking Circles, I taught classes in creative development and in 1996 created and facilitated a week-long women's creativity exploration retreat on Maui. I now teach and supervise psychotherapy interns and lead ongoing Speaking Circles in addition to my psychotherapy practice.

I love Hawaii and come to the islands as often as I can. For me, this is my second home. Snorkeling, swimming, hiking, reading, writing, photographing, delving deeply into the pleasure of being alive, body, heart and soul, these are my pleasures when I travel to this tropical land.

At home I do the same, minus the snorkeling. Many things give me pleasure, my garden, books, photography, cooking, good food and intimate conversation with friends. I welcome the sense of inner and outer adventure, and personal discovery that is always just a heart beat away.

SpeakingQuest Retreats are based onSpeakingCircles®, originated by Lee Glickstein, author of "Be Heard Now, Tap Into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate With Ease."

SpeakingQuest - Journey to Your Authentic Self in Hidden Hawaii