Summer 2006

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  • Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 5-11, 2007
  • The Universal Self
  • Living Authentically: A Participant Speaks
  • Molokai Artist
  • Katherine Mapes-Resnik on Maui Radio
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  • The Universal Self

    As humans, we are more alike than we are different. We even share a common language of emotions. Most facial expressions are universally understood, and without words, people in all cultures can recognize an angry face, a sad face, a happy face, a grieving face. The drive for love, acceptance, and self-expression are also commonly shared. This is why when you look deeply into the eyes of another, into the pool of their deepest Self, you can see reflected your own deepest Self.

    For your authentic, Universal Self to be revealed, it is essential to find a way to lift the veils of personality and cultural identification. Relational Presence, being fully present with yourself while being fully present with another, allows what is natural to come forth. In this kind of presence where there are no demands, no expectations or judgments, we are filled with a kind of curiosity that opens the space for the Universal Self to be expressed. From this open space you can truly speak your heart, and when you do so, no matter the language, others hear the beat of their own hearts. They need not understand the words to feel the truth of what is expressed.

    We witness this basic human connection in participants who come to SpeakingQuest from around the globe when they interact with the group in their native language. Released from the expectation of trying to understand the words, everyone relaxes and hears the soul of the person speaking. It doesn’t matter whether they are talking about their lives, discussing the ancient Hawaiian teachings, sharing their artwork or reading something they have written. Through this experience, a vast universal language is discovered. And a paradox is revealed; only by being your own unique Self are you the most universal, the most capable of expressing yourself authentically, and the most able to touch the heart of others.

    Living Authentically: A Participant Speaks

    Christie Ellison attended the 2004 retreat.

    My true journey of self-discovery began in earnest when I finally committed to listening to my inner nudgings, and not a moment sooner. Oh, I knew what was trying to surface--but to face it meant going into deep places that, for me, were just as well left untouched. While the saying “ignore your teeth and they’ll go away” speaks for itself, being ignorant in the field of self-examination is counterproductive to manifesting one’s life’s calling. Choosing to disregard the almost breathless voice inside of me was a decision that continued to deny me on a daily basis of living my life to its most joyous fullest. I’m ready to listen now....

    The nudges were there
    I listened not
    Oh must I search my soul?
    I cringe in fear
    Of what may be revealed
    My heart aches
    And the battle rages inside me
    It’s time
    I can no longer pretend
    My heart is open
    My ears strain to hear
    Oh soft, gentle voice
    Speak to me
    Of self-love
    And courage
    And the Creator’s magnificent handiwork
    In all that I am
    Truth or Consequences?
    I nod in new awareness
    The terror of pain falls by the wayside
    The pain was worth it
    In the struggle of the pecking of the shell
    Did I gain my strength
    The light of day peeks through
    A (re)birth is dawning
    New life is within reach
    Steadily I emerge
    And step into my knowing
    Hold strong
    An angel alights
    With a message
    ‘Perfect love casteth out fear’
    Pure, real, authentic
    The only way to live!

    Molokai Artist

    I'm an artist who's canvas is wood. My artwork is what you might call functional art because you can use it in your everyday life. You can hang it on a wall, you could eat dinner off of it, paddle a canoe, strum a tune, put your stereo in it, or even divide your living space and change your clothes behind it.

    I am of Hawaiian, English and Chinese descent and my work reflects this diversity. From Tropicals to Orientals and contemporary graphics it is colorful and appealing to many. It has been exhibited throughout Hawaii at Sam Choy's restaurants, Roy's, Nick's Fishmarket, the Honolulu Club and Gordon Biersch. I have shipped worldwide from Hawaii to Japan and Saudi Arabia, the Americas and Europe.

    Katherine Mapes-Resnik on Maui Radio

    On Sunday, August 6th, Katherine Mapes-Resnik led a Speaking Circle on Maui. She was helped in this effort by Christie Ellison, a 2004 SpeakingQuest participant who is an active member of Unity on Maui. As a prelude to the Circle, Christie arranged a radio interview for Katherine to talk about Speaking Circles and SpeakingQuest with the minister of Unity, Mary Omwake and her Co-Host Jim Jacobson.

    You can listen to Katherine's interview by clicking on the link below, www.conversationswithfriends.com, and going to the Program Archive page.

    Early Registration Discount

    See coupon below for $100 discount if you register and pay by January 5, 2007.

    Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 5-11, 2007

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