Fall 2006

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  • Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 5-11, 2007
  • Friends Who Make a Difference
  • Plumeria - Hawaii's Aloha Flower

  • Friends Who Make a Difference

    When you journey to a far-away island and spend a week in a retreat program dedicated to authentic living, you will meet people who are on a similar path. They come because they hear a calling in their soul, see a change on the horizon of their life, or feel the need for deep rest to recapture their creative spirit.

    Regardless of the motivation, everyone who gathers for the SpeakingQuest retreat week shares a commitment to explore their inner landscape. And in this process of self-examination, each individual finds that he is surrounded by people who may at first be strangers but who, in only a matter of minutes or hours, become trusted companions.

    The value of true friendship is one of the significant discoveries often made by people who attend retreats. Surrounded by others who give tender acceptance and listen with a full heart, you can appreciate a new freedom. You find there is permission to explore, stretch into, and grow new parts of yourself. By moving out of the familiar daily routines and stepping into an environment where you encounter warm faces, you might allow yourself to take off the masks you wear at home or work. Revealing who you are takes courage, but the risk is minimized when you realize you are greeted by friends who welcome all of you.

    With these new friends, there is no pretense as you continue to interact each day. The safety net expands while you walk and talk together, speaking of your dreams and sharing your passion. In this depth of pure listening you are encouraged in a natural way toward re-connection with your soul. How powerful it is to meet friends on this level.

    Plumeria - Hawaii's Aloha Flower

    There’s a big, beautiful plumeria orchard on the leeward coast of Molokai about 2.5 miles west of Kaunakakai. This is Molokai Plumerias. The trees here enjoy abundant sunshine and shelter from heavy trade winds. You would call it “hot and dry” but plumerias love it.

    The plumeria is the essence and ambiance of Hawaii and the Aloha Spirit.

    If your business promotes the Hawaiian culture; If your party is ready for an extra dose of real aloha; If you want to take your friends to the tropics, if only in your dreams,

    Then by all means, use plumeria leis.

    Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 5-11, 2007

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