Spring 2007

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  • Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 5-11, 2007
  • Listening to Synchronicity
  • Living Authentically: A Participant Speaks
  • Invitation for Couples

  • Listening to Synchronicity

    There is within all of us a voice that guides us toward our dreams. Sometimes that voice is clear and distinct, other times it appears simply as an urge. Following these urges can lead to amazing revelations and life changes. It is particularly thrilling when these “callings” happen in a way that cannot be ignored.

    For example, consider the story of a woman named Maryann who felt inclined to go to the bookstore and buy a book on Hawaii that a close friend had told her about. While standing in the aisle reading, she looks up and sees the same friend walking towards her. Her hair stands on end as she greets her friend. They embrace and begin talking about their lives and discover that they both have been feeling the urge to do something different, adventuresome, and rejuvenating in their lives--like a vacation with meaning. As Maryann is leaving the store, she runs into another friend who tells her that she has just signed up for a week-long program on the island of Molokai.

    These encounters were clearly synchronistic. Often when something is calling us, there are similar kinds of events that occur in proximity to each other. If Maryann could accept these events as meaningful guidance and take action, she would find herself on a tropical island, enjoying the nurturing she had been longing for in her soul. She wanted to, but the decision was hard to make because of all the responsibilities with family, work, projects, and too much to do. Also, there were the finances and other arrangements that had to be made. However, she kept reminding herself that the happenstance meetings with her friends at the bookstore were signs pointing her in a direction. Trusting that mystery is sometimes inherent in the way guidance can appear, Maryann finally decided to attend the retreat. The story goes on and on as she took steps toward the truly transformational journey to her authentic self.

    Not all callings are this blatant, or have the threads of desire so directly connected, but if you are open, listen and look, the possibilities are always waiting to find you. Hold the attitude of “what I am seeking is seeking me”, and you will be astounded. Reflect on the urges you have followed, and ask, how often have they led you to something your heart has been seeking? Are there urges that have been coming to you lately? Are they guiding you toward your dreams? Act on them and find out.

    Living Authentically: A Participant Speaks

    Deborah Dowse Runyeon attended last year's SpeakingQuest retreat in 2006 and will be returning in 2007. She is a psychotherapist in Redwood City, California. Look at her website linked below.

    Makia: energy flows where attention goes. This was my take-away Huna Wisdom from Speaking Quest 2006. We were greeted by a Night Rainbow; it was magic from the very start. I went for the food (seriously!) and came back with so much more!

    When I returned, I was so impressed with the experience that I integrated it professionally in several different ways: I presented the Huna Wisdom at a women's retreat the following August. I attended a Speaking Circle (for the first time). A fellow Questor (with whom I work) and I created an experiential introduction to Speaking Quest at our therapist group’s yearly retreat. This followed a one-day retreat for several of us Sequoia therapists with Katherine and Doreen.

    Professionally, I find that I am much more focused and present with my clients. I talk less in sessions and listen more. They become more engaged as I make constant eye contact with them. It's a gift I have received and pass along.

    Personally, I still struggle with providing enough self-care. However, the week on Molokai of being gently held in a community of caring and unconditional support has provided a wonderful template for me.

    As I write this, I look forward to another week at the Hui (which, alone, is worth the trip) on Molokai (also a special treat) this year. And did I mention the food?

    Invitation for Couples

    If you are a couple and would like to participate in the SpeakingQuest retreat together, you are eligible for a 20% discount. Enjoy this private room furnished with a Hawaiian hand-crafted bed.

    Share exquisite meals, while gazing out to the blue Pacific Ocean. Let the tropical breezes caress your skin while you luxuriate in a hammock or dip into the natural rock swimming pool.

    • Connect in a truly intimate and authentic way.
    • Deepen and strengthen your bond during this week of sincere listening and heartful speaking.
    • Return home celebrating the beauty of your union, fully refreshed and continuing to expand your capacity to connect from your soul.

    Retreat is May 5-11. Act now to receive the 20% discount for couples. The fee is $3,600 (a $900 savings!) for the two of you and includes private room, all meals, program, and journal guidebook.

    Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 5-11, 2007

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