Spring 2005

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  • Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 22-28, 2005
  • The Gift of a Retreat
  • Living Authentically: A Participant Speaks
  • Molokai: Hawaiian by Nature

  • The Gift of a Retreat

    A retreat is a gift you give to yourself. Whether you take precious moments soaking in your bathtub with lights dimmed and candles flickering, or you travel to the tropical island of Molokai, a retreat gives you the permission to break away from your normal routines and put yourself in a different environment.

    If your life has an all consuming focus on work and family, there may be no time to slow down and be still. In the relaxed silence that is possible on a retreat, you begin to awaken your senses. You notice the symphonic sounds of birds singing, the fragrance of jasmine, the warm kiss of the sun on your face.

    A retreat essentially involves getting away, changing your life pace, opening yourself up, and moving into a discovery mode. Disengaging from phones, computers, and pressures occurs with one breath at a time. Engaging in the present moment, free to explore, requires a willingness to be in the unknown. When you finally let go and let yourself be, then you can find more of who you truely are.

    Like tuning an instrument, a retreat is a way you can tune yourself. A fine violin or piano has a body and strings that need to be maintained, cleaned, repaired, and polished. Your body needs to be cared for in much the same way. The music which is your expressive and authentic self can be more pure, resonant, and powerful.

    Give yourself the gift of a retreat. Whatever you choose to do, remember that this is the kind of gift that will enhance the wellness of your being. It's a gift worth giving!

    Living Authentically: A Participant Speaks

    Susana Gonzalez was a participant in the first SpeakingQuest retreat held in 1999. She returned the following year. She writes...

    I remember both years as magical and profoundly important to creating change in my life. The first year, all of you literally breathed life back into me. The second year was easier, and I felt more of my own power.

    I know I never would have gotten into dancing had it not been for that first year's experience. Now dance has become such a joyful part of my life. I've learned ballroom, Argentine Tango and have been studying belly-dancing for a year. I won first place for my Argentine Tango at the Florida State Triple Crown Championship at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Sarasota, FL in August 2003. I've even been asked to perform at weddings and have done occasional presentations with my professional partner, Souhad. All of this has helped heal so many issues around my body and sense of femininity and sensuality.

    Molokai: Hawaiian by Nature

    There's an island in Hawaii...

    that the world has left behind. A place where there are no buildings taller than a coconut tree. No traffic and no traffic lights. Where nature calls you to push yourself to the limit and pull yourself together.

    An island, a place, a state of mind...called Molokai.

    Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 22-28, 2005
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