Summer 2005

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  • Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 13-19, 2006
  • The Path Toward Authenticity
  • Living Authentically: A Participant Speaks
  • The Mule Ride to Kalaupapa
  • 2005 SpeakingQuest Group

  • The Path Toward Authenticity

    Have you been longing for a deeper connection to your real self? Your heart, mind, and soul may be beckoning you toward the path of authenticity.

    Though solitude gives you moments of reflective nourishment, the journey need not be a solo one. The light of compassionate guides can help you tread the dark and scary places that arise along the path.

    With encouragement, you can carry on, discovering that fear melts into excitement when embraced, and buried treasures are always found. Genuine hugs of celebration sweeten your discoveries.

    In the company of loving others who delight in your curiosity, you begin to feel your creativity. Playfulness, acceptance, compassion, and empathy reawaken. At last you hear the joyful cry of vitality, ah this is me, this is truly me. A hidden truth is then revealed. You were born authentic!

    This journey to your real self will take you beyond the familiar that has defined you. Here in the spacious unknown, surrounded by compassionate listeners, your attention can be guided back to your own heart. Now you truly know. The path toward auhenticity was imprinted upon your soul at birth.

    Living Authentically: A Participant Speaks

    Shawn McKim Murphey was a SpeakingQuest retreat participant in 2000, 2001, and 2003. She is a life coach. You can link to her website at the end of the article.

    Of Pastels and Glitter

    I'm not much of an artist. However, hanging on my office wall is the piece of artwork I did at my second SpeakingQuest retreat. The art activity had not been my favorite part of the program, and I objected to what seemed like an intrusion on an otherwise blissful retreat. Yet, there on my wall is the ever-present reminder of my unfolding.

    This conglomeration of pastels and glitter and now-dead flowers speaks to me of who I was then, and who I continue to evolve into. It reminds me of how my deepest heart showed me who I was at that particular time, and who I was meant to be. Now, whenever I look at it, I am at once transported back in time and yet ever more deeply connected to my essence today.

    As I behold the "sacred heart" represented on that yellowing sheet of paper, my heart deepens and I am filled with love and gratitude, for who I am and for those beautiful souls I fell in love with that year.

    Each SpeakingQuest retreat has been unique, yet every time I come home realizing how much closer I am to "the real me" - the ever-evolving "real me." I come home knowing I've been held, cradled, encouraged, heard, and seen. Seen in a way that has lifted a veil from my own eyes, so that even I don't have to doubt that I can be playful, or amusing, or sexy, or wise. Or even artistic!

    SpeakingQuest has been such a gift of love, laughter, friendship, and, most of all, a gift that has deepened my soul.

    The Mule Ride to Kalaupapa

    Experience one of Hawaii's most remarkable tours, in a community hidden from the world for so many years. Learn about the leper colony, its people, incredible tales of struggle and human suffering, along with stories of courage and love.

    In the cool Molokai uplands, a pack of mules prepare for the day's ride down to the world's most unique and formerly forbidden village of Kalaupapa. The boundless beauty you experience as you traverse down the 2.9 mile trail, with 26 switchbacks, leaves most folks absolutely speechless.

    Kalaupapa National Historical Park was established on December 22, 1980. Still in its formative years, it is dedicated to the past, the present and the future. It is dedicated to preserving the memories and experiences of the past in order that valuable lessons might be learned from them. It is dedicated to providing a well-maintained community to ensure that present residents of the Settlement may live out their lives in this, their home. And, it is dedicated to the education of present and future generations with regard to a disease that has been shrouded in fear and ignorance for centuries.

    2005 SpeakingQuest Group

    I feel like I've waited a lifetime to feel safe enough to speak my heart and my truth and for it to be received and listened to in a genuine and an authentic way. Myra Thomson-Bull, L.Ac.

    SpeakingQuest is one of the finest opportunities I have found to broaden, deepen and enrich one's sense of self and to actualize one's potentials for interprersonal and professional fulfillment. Barry Friedman, Ph.D, MFT Psychotherapist Historian of Religion

    A very deep, life transforming process, done in an atmosphere of caring support, humor, fun and spectacular surroundings. Dennis Gaither, M.D.

    Doreen and Katherine, I am forever touched by your extraordinary example of authentic connection/voice/life. In you I see soul/body/mind/heart integration, and I am deeply inspired. Nadia No, MFT

    Retreat Molokai, Hawaii May 13-19, 2006

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