SpeakingQuest 2009
SpeakingQuest 2009

"The gentleness and sweetness of this experience was astounding. Our Circle held me in such a way that I experienced my own true power for the first time."

Suzanne Andrews


"Doreen and Katherine are the best parts of SpeakingQuest!

Leilee Weyerhaeuser



SpeakingQuest 2007


"SpeakingQuest is a life-changing experience! The leadership provided the safety to go openly into the deep unknowing and discover a personal roadmap."

Earl Downing, Coach and Consultant


"I have awakened to the light of my own true nature."

Ginny Stewart, LCSW


"The process gently and powerfully engages the body, mind, and spirit into transformation."

Ann Farris, Speaker and Author


"I moved my heart to a new place."

Lorrie Norby, MFT


"Katherine and Doreen were models of speaking in the moment from big hearts, gently and humorously guiding us to our own wisdom. Transformation can be fun!"

Tracey Bennett, Writer




SpeakingQuest 2006


"Awesome, heart warming, and life changing experience!"

Ann McGrath, Administrator


"As a therapist, I have already done many years of my own work. However, at SpeakingQuest, I received much more clarity in an amazingly short amount of time. I look forward to bringing this presence and authenticity into my work."

Deborah Dowse Runyeon, MFT


"An amazing, all encompassing experience in an absolutely exquisite environment. Katherine and Doreen, you are splendid, loving, funny, beautiful guides."

Jan Furby, MFT


"I am leaving with such gratitude for such a wonderful opportunity and program. Awesome."

Kathy Flowers Real Estate Broker


SpeakingQuest 2005


Doreen and Katherine, I am so deeply moved and forever touched by your extraordinary examples of authentic connection/voice/life. In you I see soul/body/mind/heart integration, which I am inspired to bring forth in me.

Nadia No, MFT


A very deep, life transforming process, done in an atmosphere of caring support, humor, fun and spectacular surroundings.

Dennis Gaither, M.D.


I feel like I've waited a lifetime to feel safe enough to speak my heart and my truth and for it to be received and listened to in a genuine and authentic way. Thank you so very much.

Myra Thomson-Bull, L.Ac.



SpeakingQuest 2004

"A profound and joyous transformative experience grounded in psychological and spiritual wisdom within a safe, supportive and beautiful container provided by the leaders who were sensitive to individual needs for space and who modeled a sense of humor, playfulness, and authenticity."

Lynne Gordon, Licensed Psychotherapist


"Beautifully, simply organized, and thoughtful. An all-embracing, all encompassing experience led by consummate facilitators."

Dina Weisberg Tarah, MFT


"Profound, transformative, revelatory, life-changing experience!"

Mia Handshin, speaker and writer



SpeakingQuest 2003

"I came to deepen my self-awareness and life-purpose.  I went away with that and much, much more."

Barry Friedman, Ph.D., MFT


"SpeakingQuest is such an incredible opportunity to luxuriate in beauty and to be held and cared for in a manner that truly enhances discovery of both self and other."

Shawn McKim Murphey, MS, Joyous Life Coaching


"I cherished being taken care of so completely this week.  Katherine and Doreen are wonderful role models of professional competent women who are confident, playful, wise, and creative.  They offer such a complete and well-planned experience."

Jan Dombrower, Licensed Counselor, mom,
and growth seeker.




SpeakingQuest 2002

"Gifted and creative leaders who modeled a loving and inspiring presence as they supportively guided each one of us with wisdom and gentle friendship, creating a safe, yet stimulating environment that could fully allow our inner self to emerge."

Marlina Rinzen, Spiritual Director


"The SpeakingQuest experience was magical beyond words. Thank you for all your inspirational and light-hearted presence that created such a sacred space."

Vicki Wynne, Transformational Speaker



SpeakingQuest 2001

"It was the best planned and executed workshop I've attended."

Mary Nahra, Media

"Excellent retreat, powerful, transformative, and healing."

Deb Anker, Holistic Health


"I found in my job, that I was able to be more comfortable just being with customers and coincidentally my sales stats have soared."

Max Zibitnoff, Sales



"I liked the conversations, laughter, tears, fun, tenderness, truth-telling, creativity, affection, flexibility, love, giving and receiving, and being with whatever arose."

—Cynthia deHay, MFT

SpeakingQuest 2000

"I keep remembering the way we all held the space for each other so as to let each of us unfold at our own speed, in our own fashion, safely. As the week unfolded we all felt we could truly open up and be whatever we needed to be. This process allows people to develop listening and speaking skills that are invaluable."

—Susana Gonzalez, Attorney



SpeakingQuest 1999
SpeakingQuest 1999

I felt safe enough to open and feel connected. It was one of the best and most complete times I’ve ever had."

—Helene Redmond,
Licensed MFT

 "This week has been a great breakthrough for me. I walked into another dimension of time and space. I’m so totally satisfied by this experience."

—Jeremy Nash, Executive Coach

 "A magical week in a magical place. I learned to listen and trust myself. I learned to listen and trust others. I was transformed and witnessed the transformation of others as they shed old limiting beliefs, discovered their creativity, and experienced the power of being heard and totally appreciated."

—John Potts, Corporate Director

SpeakingQuest Retreats are based on Speaking Circles®, originated by Lee Glickstein, author of "Be Heard Now, Tap Into Your Inner Speaker and Communicate With Ease."

SpeakingQuest - Journey to Your Authentic Self in Hidden Hawaii